SEO Without Marketing Is Like Optimizing Crap

There’s this notion that capturing a top listing on Google for a plum keyword will instantly translate into success for your business. That traffic will beget riches. That idea couldn’t be more wrong, and the following infographic illustrates the limitations of SEO.
SEO will not help a website with crappy content
Yes, you can get crappy content to rank well. But a top listing doesn’t guarantee that customers will be convinced to buy after reading your crap. What needs explanation beyond the visual are the differentiation points between compelling copy versus bad content.

What is bad content?

Copy focused only on touting the product is garbage. XYZ solution is jam packed with so many features that you just have to buy it! It makes you wonder who this content is supposed to please, the customer or the HIPPO.

Then there’s content that just isn’t important to your customer. The buyer may understand the point you’re trying to make, but they don’t care or fail to realize how your product will provide measurable outcomes.

What is good content?

Compelling content begins with a solid understanding of your market. It has to be relevant to your customer’s highest priority needs. The content should help them learn and visualize solving a problem while clearly positioning your company as the best vendor to achieve that outcome.

It’s the combination of persuasive content with SEO that will drive results for your business.

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33 comments on “SEO Without Marketing Is Like Optimizing Crap
  1. Jan says:

    Crappy content is crappy content. A bit like a plumber who doesn’t fix a leak properly and it still drips. Slowly, but it still drips; so it has been a crappy job. Good content fixes all leaks and will get you a ‘call back’.

  2. Gwen says:

    I know people who earn from semi crappy content but I know one other person who earns even more with outstanding content and a good personal brand. I guess it all boils down to whether you want to succeed only a little bit or a lot. Excellent content is for those who want to be big time winners.

  3. fst Digital says:

    That is hilarious :), I couldn’t agree more, however there are a lot of sites that base on ‘keyword rich’ content and get on top of the rankings. Search engines still don’t have the ability to understand the copy and spot some of the ‘crappy contnet’ , they only use the indicators such as keywords density, synonymous and so on.

  4. I totally agree! If you want excellent results then be ready to give excellent effort too and this is exemplified in having an excellent content in your website.

  5. DaBrian says:

    Great post. It’s also important for good content to stay fresh and updated. I couldn’t agree more with your premise here.

  6. Shennan T. says:

    This is so true. Great article about crappy content.

  7. Indeed SEO it’s very good combined with SMO!

  8. Andrew says:

    I love the diagram, lol.

  9. Haha the diagram was great but oh so true. While you can make money with terrible content, you can makes heaps more with good, quality content.

  10. Techcraft says:

    Thank you. This is a great information, in seo content has to be great and original, because content is king in seo business.

  11. Boxgroove says:

    Yes.. It is true that you cannot give so features at a time in your content otherwise the reader will think that they are doing it purposely to attract the visitors. SE like simple and fresh content.

  12. Your opinion is right for the small businesses where the owner is a SEO specialist and Marketer in the same time. But in bigger companies work hired SEO specialists and they really don`t care how much visitors become customers. And actually they are not asked to: they should care about positions on serp only.

  13. Signals says:

    the thing in the article is about the necessity to use not only seo tools in website promotion but don`t forget marketing efficiency as well

  14. Very exciting diagram 😉 Good content converts well. You don’t even need many hundreds of visitors per day to make a lot on sales.

  15. Funny to see so many top ranking sites with such crappy information! While they still can make quite a bit of money, they will never get the return visitors for repeat business. Great article!

  16. Actually, how I always heard it was, “Content is King, Linking is Queen”, but close enough 🙂 Good post!

  17. christiaan says:

    I love the title ” SEO Without Marketing Is Like Optimizing Crap” . It is enough to say for some one who really knows what is SEO.

  18. Rebecca Wolf says:

    Well said. Optimizing a website without knowing who your target market is or giving them what they want is like shooting in the dark!

  19. Agree with everyone…such a rooky error to think you can get away with bad content. Theres no point in getting a marketing agency to do your SEO if your content is rubbish and traffic just bounces back. Good article

  20. Squiffy says:

    Fair point! But isn’t it possible to make money just by providing good content with embedded advertising, rather than really ‘going after’ a visitor and trying to sell them stuff? There’s nothing worse than those sites that seem to exist just to promote a product, even when it’s a good product.

  21. Brilliant Post!

    I work in SEO myself and many companies think that by employing an SEO will generate thousands of sales with any offline marketing investment

  22. beauty boxes says:

    nice site, good post admin, thanks 🙂

  23. Mike says:

    Good article. Your diagram cracks me up! You lost me a little with the HIPPO. Is that an acronym or were you actually talking about hippos?

  24. Parkcouture says:

    I have read one article before that good, unique and fresh content is a good move to boost your ranking. Thanks for sharing this post.

  25. Sadly, I now find that more than 90% of web sites have crappy content. They regurgitate or copy what other people have already said 2 years ago. Alternatively, they try to sell 20 page Ebooks for $50.00 that tell you what you already knew about getting rich quick. You can’t. I do hope that, in time, the major search engines will develop algorithms that put the copycats and ‘get rich quick’ $50.00 Ebook kids at search engine position number 999, which is where they belong.

  26. Diane Lopez says:

    Good site content is important aspect of SEO, without it, its like your a building a mansion without on a mountains without a road map.

  27. brindes says:

    Nowdays its even more true after the algorithm update by google (the infamous panda update). Now building quality content was never so important.

  28. Well, I agree with some point, atleast by doing any SEO from your website is just like gearing up your website for marketing implementations. SEO will also be considered as marketing as a first step, but if you will limit your plan from that stage alone, you’ll be far behind with you competitors. After making SEO on-page, marketing off-site should be followed, without it your website is just nothing as good as building a big mansion in the forest without a driveway to your home or a map.

  29. michel6 says:

    I couldn’t have really asked for a better blog. You’re always at hand to offer excellent suggestions, going straight away to the point for straightforward understanding of your readership. You’re surely a terrific expert in this matter. Thank you for being there for people like me.

  30. Kredit says:

    Yes very good and unique high quality content is in any case very important. In my opinion, should include the content pages of other sites copying extremely punished or even fly from the index. Because everyone knows what that does to create high quality content for work.

  31. Liam Duffy says:

    Im sure this is in Googles SEO guide, over optimising on page SEO turns off prospects and you will see a lower conversion of customer. No use being on page 1 if you cant make a sale due to poor copy and web usability. Rich content and optimised a/b tested landing pages ftw.

  32. After Panda update, it has made obvious like to add some fresh and good content and update it regularly to your web page to get good attention from them.

  33. Anna says:

    Well, if you don´t get backlinks when you write good content you won´t get af good position in Google.

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